Empowering High School Football Players to Earn College Scholarships

Our Mission

Players who have used our program to earn football scholarships

Providing You the Tools to Get Recruited

We give athletes the information, tools, and life skills they need to earn a college football scholarship. This web-based subscription service will enable athletes and families to build their strategies to get recruited. With ongoing insights, tips and updates from college coaches, recruiting insiders and business leaders, athletes can easily build their recruiting plan while also learning life skills that will help them in the recruiting process and beyond.


College Football Offers More Opportunities

With 20,000 football scholarships or financial aid packages annually, college football offers more opportunities than any other sport. With the average scholarship or aid package around $10,000 per year, this is a great opportunity to play the sport you love while getting a college degree. Let Collegefootballrecruiting.com help  achieve your goal of playing college football and earning a college scholarship.

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Results that Save Time and Money

Recruiting services charge thousands of dollars for limited results.  For $200 per year, our Online Recruiting Academy provides athletes the tools to drive their own recruiting process.  While many families spend their time and money inefficiently in recruiting, we provide ongoing information and strategies to get results while being cost effective throughout the process.  In addition, our proprietary content from coaches, industry experts and message boards are part of the annual subscription fee.  Plus, we provide resources like college links and financial information on our site free of charge.

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Leverage the Recruiting Process

Whether you are going into your freshman or senior year, it is never too early or too late to start the process. The most common regret we hear is that recruits wish they had started the process earlier.  The earlier you start building and implementing your plan, the better. If you are going to be a senior, it is not too late, we just need to work harder and faster.  We are here to help you understand the process and give you the tools to customize your recruiting plan throughout your high school playing career.